Healthy communities are built on relationships that are deep, diverse, and generous.

LEAP International works to establish community based programs that are focused on shared meaningful experiences. We provide training, resources, and service learning experiences to schools, churches, civic organizations, and businesses designed to catalyze healthy relationships and healthy community.

We believe that healthy relationships are the center of healthy communities and that healthy relationships are intentionally deep, diverse, and generous.

Leadership · Education · Adventure · Philanthropy

Undivided is committed to challenging people to develop deep relationships through shared experience and serving others. 

Life in Motion is committed to the growing number of people living in countries outside of the country in which they were born. Internationals or cross-cultural families are business and government workers, adventurers and digital nomads, and expats and refugees. 

Live to Give is committed to providing opportunities and resources for people to become more generous in all of their relationships.

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