Life In Motion

Go Diverse

Life in Motion is committed to the growing number of people living in countries outside of the country in which they were born. Internationals or cross-cultural families are business and government workers, adventurers and digital nomads, and expats and refugees.

Life in Motion desires to connect cross-culturals and resource them with tools making their transition and international experience more positive, meaningful, fun, and life enriching. They are in the news all of the time. Many grow up to be leaders and change agents in a world that is has become increasingly more international and globalized. This group has grown in number across the globe in recent years with an estimated 258 million worldwide.

Cross cultural individuals and families exist in every city around the world and, despite the advantages, can find themselves misunderstood, alienated, and sometimes mistreated. Life in Motion exists to share our experiences to promote thriving in a new local context. As a program of LEAP International our goal is to help cultivate diverse, healthy, and fruitful local communities.