About Us

We exist to develop communities that are deep, diverse and generous...

by connecting people through educational and experiential service adventures. Society is quickly learning that the cyber community is not true community. They are bored and technology is not quenching their desire for an adventure. They need to be challenged in a way that pushes them physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We believe that people are looking for real community. They’ve flocked online, looking for “friends”, but they feel ripped off. They want real adventures that push them to face weaknesses; surrounded by others that are authentic and engaged.

LEAP International designs eye opening adventures led by compassionate facilitators; that emphasizes team work, unique contribution, and service. Our desire is to assist and partner with schools, businesses, youth agencies, and local communities. We want to create transformational adventures that change one young person at a time.

Our Values

Devotion to a simple life.

We believe that experience is the best teacher and that lasting life experience comes from taking risks...not in the accumulation of things.

No one is an island.

A life of purpose comes from adventure, community and shared risk. We have something to learn from every person.

Every person is valuable.

People are more important than projects. All lives are worth redeeming.

Our Team

Amy Casteel

Over the past 13 years, Amy has worked with international students and families. She has lived and worked outside of her own passport country (USA). Living internationally as a dependent of a US Military service member, Amy has experienced leaving her passport country three times. She has also experienced re-entry three times.

In addition to personal experience and work experience, Amy has been involved with researching the experience and self-assessments of students who are currently living abroad. She has presented at several workshops and seminars about international transitions.

Eric Casteel

Eric has worked for over 13 years designing service learning opportunities which grow leadership skills in adults and students. He directs programs which achieve leadership development through service learning.


Jeremy Isom

Jeremy has led over 30 expeditions, in 45 countries on 5 continents. He has spent over 15 years working with youth in international contexts. He has designed and implemented adventure learning and service learning projects for non-governmental organizations and schools.

Jeremy has a Masters in Adventure Education and has recently published a book entitled “Is Technology Sabotaging Adolescents Journey to Creating Healthy Community.”